Video: How to use CimeXa or Diatomaceous Earth for bedbugs

How to apply CimeXa or DE for bedbugs

how to use cimexa for bedbugs
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Today we’ll show you how to use two common home treatments for bedbugs, CimeXa or Diatomaceous Earth.

Diatomaceous Earth is a powder made from the sediment of fossilized algae. It’s deadly to bedbugs, but actually food-grade for humans, some people eat it for digestive problems and cholesterol issues.

CimeXa is a non-crystalline silica.

Both of these are dessicants; NOT poisons. What that means is that they kill bugs by adhering to the exoskeleton and dehydrating them, but they’re both considered very safe for people.

You can puff them straight out of the bottle, but I recommend a duster such as this one to ensure that you are getting an even distributed coating that no bedbugs can get around.

You will just want to make sure that you read all the warnings on the bottle and wear a mask when you are applying it.

Make sure that you concentrate near beds, but also areas where bedbugs may enter the room, such as cracks where the wall meets the floor.

In lab trials, CimeXa seems to work more quickly and kill more insects, but there are a lot of reasons why someone might choose to use DE for bedbugs. You can see a full comparison of the two in the link in the video description, along with links to purchase either.

Bedbugs won’t be able to walk over the areas where you have applied the dust. Use this in tandem with the other treatment methods, such as mattress encasements and bedbug bed post interceptors that you see in the Ultimate Guide to Killing bedbugs in the video description, and you will be rid of bedbugs in no time.

CimeXa vs. Diatomaceous Earth
The Ultimate Guide to Killing Bedbugs:

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