Should I throw out my mattress if I have bed bugs?

If I find a bedbug, do I need to throw out my mattress?

You do not have to throw out a bedbug-infested mattress. There is a common misconception that once you find a bedbug, you have to throw out basically everything you own. This is not true. Most household items can be treated for bedbugs, and throwing bedbug-infested stuff in the trash can actually exacerbate the issue. In fact, in some municipalities (such as New York City), it is very highly discouraged. This is because that is a surefire way to spread the problem to your neighbors. In a city that is experiencing a resurgence of bedbugs, that is a big no-no.

do I need to throw out my mattress after bedbugs

Plus, buying a new mattress does not solve the problem. Bedbugs do not only live in beds. They are called that because they are nocturnal, so they most commonly feed on people while they are asleep in bed. But bedbugs can travel for a blood meal, so they will seek refuge in furniture, cracks, crevices, between floorboards, under the molding, and even inside electronics and outlets. If you don’t take care of the infestation, bed bugs will simply spread back to the new mattress after you get it.

Moreover, it is possible to salvage a mattress after a bedbug infestation – if you know what you’re doing. To avoid contributing to the infestation spreading, and to save yourself some money on a new bed, here’s how to get bedbugs out of your bed:

Can you get bed bugs out of a mattress?

Yes. There are a couple of simple steps to get bed bugs out of your mattress.

Get rid of bedbugs!ImageProductHow to useLearn more
Step 1kill bed bugs on your ownBed bug interceptorsIsolate your bed from the floor with bed bug interceptorsCheck price
Step 2DIY bed bug treamentBedbug-proof mattress coverUse a bed lock system to kill bed bugs already in the bedCheck price
Step 3get rid of bed bugs without an exterminatorCimeXa dessicantUse a safe desiccant like CimeXa to kill bed bugs elsewhereCheck price
  1. Isolate your bed from the floor with bed bug interceptors
  2. Use a bed lock system to kill bed bugs already in the bed
  3. Use a safe desiccant like CimeXa to kill bed bugs elsewhere

Remember, once you get them out of the mattress, you also have to treat the rest of your house, otherwise they will just come back to your mattress. Read our article on treating your whole house for bedbugs.

Can you get bedbugs out of a foam mattress?

A lot of people have asked whether bed bugs can live in memory foam mattresses. Foam is not considered “habitable” for bed bugs, meaning they won’t attempt to live in it long-term. That said, there is nothing in particular about foam that will repel or keep our a bedbug. So, while they may not typically reside within the mattress itself, bedbugs may hide in a foam mattress so that they can be close to a blood meal. They’re unlikely to burrow deep within a memory foam mattress (a bed bug’s anatomy doesn’t make it easy for them to “burrow” – but they can squeeze into very small places to hide). But they could certainly shelter in a crack or crevice, or even an open zip or tear in the mattress.

To get bedbugs out of a foam mattress, simply follow the same steps as above.

ca bed bugs live in memory foam mattresses

Can bed bugs live in memory foam mattress toppers?

Similar to the answer above, a bed bug could technically live in a memory foam mattress topper. But, they are more likely to hide under the mattress topper or under the mattress itself.

Can you get bedbugs out of a boxspring?

Yes, the best way to get bedbugs out of a boxspring is to isolate your entire bed from the floor using the same steps described above.

Can bed bugs live in your pillow?

Yes, bed bugs can live in your pillow. In fact, pillowcases make ideal habitats for bedbugs because there is a lot of space in between the fabric layers for them to hide undetected; and they are in close proximity to their food source (you). You may have bed bugs in your pillow if you see small, dark spots (bed bug feces) when you inspect it closely. You may also notice a faintly sweet, musty scent.

Can you get bedbugs out of a pillow?

Washing and drying your pillow and pillowcase will kill the bedbugs inside, but it is only a temporary solution. Bedbugs from other parts of the bed and house will return to the pillowcase after you have laundered it. You have to actually also isolate the bed using bedbug interceptors. You can buy bed bug interceptors or learn how to make your own bedbug traps.

Can you sleep in a bed with bed bugs?

Yes; in fact, it may be advisable to continue sleeping in the infested area until the bed bug infestation is totally eliminated. It is not possible to avoid bed bugs by sleeping in a different location in your home – the bedbugs will travel to find you. This will only spread the infestation to other areas of the home. You also should not put everything in the garbage. You may have to resist the knee-jerk reaction to throw out all of your infested stuff, as this will spread the infestation and also be needlessly expensive. That said, removing clutter that you actually don’t need will make the job of eliminating bedbugs much easier in the long run (regardless of whether you use a professional exterminator or do it yourself.) Remain in your bed, but use a bedbug encasement system in your bed. This will kill the bedbugs in your mattress, and prevent new bedbugs from getting in.

should i sleep in a bed with bed bugs

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