Little black bugs in house – are they bedbugs?

What should I do if I found little black bugs in my house?

When most people find little black bugs in their house (particularly in the bedroom), their first thought is – BEDBUGS. Well, take a sigh of relief, because bed bugs are never black, at any stage of their lifecycle. As nymphs they are a translucent yellow-brown, and they turn more solid and reddish-brown as they mature and have more blood meals.

little black bugs in house
Read more about how to identify a bedbug and the lifecycle of a bedbug.

Little black bugs in bed

What should I do if I find little black bugs in my bed? Even if you found an insect on your bed, it might not necessarily be a bed bug. There are a lot of insects that are easily mistaken for bed bugs, and lot of bugs that are totally harmless can make their way into your bed just by accident. Some of them are a bigger issue, but others are completely innocuous. Many, such as carpet beetles or flour beetles, feed on fibers of carpets and clothes, pet foods, and pantry crumbs.

So what is this bug? Take a close look for wings – bed bugs also never have wings. If you have found little black bugs in your house and you see wings, they are more likely to be fleas or bat bugs.

Other bugs that are often confused with bedbugs are:

little black bugs in my house

If you want to get rid of the little black bugs in your house (bedbugs or not), diatomaceous earth works on pretty much any insect with an exoskeleton. It works by abrading their shell and dehydrating them from the outside. It’s considered to be very safe for humans, with food-grade variants available.

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