Does neem oil actually kill bedbugs?

Is neem oil a good bed bug treatment?

Neem oil has been a popular treatment for bed bugs over the past few years, but does neem oil actually kill bedbugs? This article explores how effective this “natural” remedy really is (and what other strategies may be more successful.) We hope that this article answers your questions about using neem oil for bedbug pest control, and provides some alternative strategies to keep your home free from pesky bedbugs.

What is neem oil?

Neem oil has been known to be used in pest control, to strengthen crops and deter pests, for hair and skincare, and even as alternative medicine.

neem oil for bedbugs

The neem tree is native to India and has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. Neem oil is derived from the seeds of the neem tree, which are crushed to release its natural oils. The oil is sometimes applied topically or ingested orally for a variety of purposes. Besides reducing inflammation, treating acne, soothing sore muscles, relieving pain associated with arthritis, and other conditions where inflammation may have an effect on symptoms, neem oil can even supposedly help people with diabetes by lowering their blood sugar levels.

Neem oil is also marketed as a natural pesticide – it is sometimes even touted as being effective against bedbugs. It supposedly works by repelling the bugs and causing them to dehydrate and die off. You’ll find neem oil at your local health food store or grocery store in the produce department. Many DIY pest control websites describe methods of making your own neem oil spray at home.

Is Neem oil effective against bedbugs?

But, what is the real effectiveness of neem oil for killing bedbugs? Homeowners often come across neem oil when looking for an eco-friendly solution to bedbugs – particularly if they have an aversion to harsh chemicals treatments.

does neem oil work for bedbugs?

There are mixed opinions on whether neem oil actually kills bedbugs or not. Here’s what you need to know about using neem oil against bed bugs:

Most scientific research has concluded that neem oil is not an effective bedbug killing agent. This means that the internet claims of its effectiveness against these pests are unfounded, and it should be removed from any list of recommendations for how to treat them in your home.

Conclusion: Does Neem oil work for bedbugs? Bed bugs are a pest that no one wants to have in their home or business. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to get rid of and it’s not uncommon for them to reappear after supposedly being eradicated. That is why it is especially critical to eliminate all of the bedbugs on the first treatment – and why we don’t recommend trying to use neem oil to kill bedbugs. If directly applied to the bedbugs, neem oil can potentially kill them. But, you could spend days walking around your house with a pump bottle, and you still won’t get them all. Even if you use an entire large spray bottle of neem oil, you are going to miss most of the bedbugs that could be lurking just out of sight. Additionally, once the oil residue has dried up, it is no longer going to be effective as a long-term preventative method.

We all want help getting rid of bedbugs as quickly as possible so we compiled some tips on how you might go about the process effectively. Here is our killing bedbugs without an exterminator.

does neem oil kill bedbugs

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