Does Lysol kill bedbugs?

Should I spray Lysol on bedbugs?

Lysol spray can kill bed bugs on contact. In other words, Lysol will kill a bedbug if you spray it directly onto the bedbug. That said, Lysol is not going to be that effective at getting rid of bedbugs, because there is no way that you can spray all of the bedbugs in hiding. Lysol has no long-term effect, it is only active while it’s wet. As soon as it dries, bedbugs will happily walk over that spot again.

Since it is not practical to spray every bedbug (they are not just found in the bed – they are really great hiders and can spread all over your home), and it is not possible to douse everything in your house in Lysol every few hours, Lysol is not a great way to kill bedbugs.

does Lysol work on bedbugs?

The same story is true for Lysol wipes. Lysol disinfecting wipes will kill bed bugs (if you wipe a bug), but do you really want to try to walk around your house wiping down every single bedbug? Wiping down a surface with Lysol and hoping that a bedbug walks over it before it dries is not a great mitigation strategy. If a bedbug detects this scent in their environment, they will flee or avoid it. And once the Lysol dries, it is not going to do anything at all to a bedbug.

We have seen reviews online touting Lysol as an effective bedbug mitigation method, but they all say something along the lines of “apply a generous amount of Lysol to thoroughly soak the bedbug-infested areas.” Do you really want to drench your house with Lysol and end up missing most of the bedbugs anyways? Inhaling a large quantity of any disinfectant can cause serious health risks, including damage to the respiratory system and central nervous system.

Do disinfecting wipes kill bed bugs?

How do you disinfect for bed bugs?

So, how do you clean up after bedbugs? There is a misconception that bedbugs are dirty, or only inhabit dirty places. Bedbugs are not like cockroaches. Bedbugs drink blood, so as long as there is a person (or pet) that they can get a blood meal from, they do not care how clean your house is. Also, (while they are a major nuisance), bedbugs don’t spread any known diseases to humans. So you don’t really need to worry too much about actually “disinfecting” for bedbugs. The best thing that you can do is apply a desiccant powder, vacuum regularly, and follow the rest of the steps in our ultimate guide to killing bedbugs yourself.

Conclusion: Lysol spray is a home disinfectant consisting of a mixture of cresols and soft soap. It uses quaternary ammonium (quats), and is not bleach. (Read also: why you should not use bleach to kill bedbugs)

Lysol spray is great for removing germs, bacteria and viruses on shared surfaces. It will technically kill a bedbug if you spray one directly; but, it’s not a great way to get rid of bedbugs overall.

“Pros” of using Lysol to kill bedbugs

  • You probably already have it in your house
  • It’s inexpensive
  • It will kill bedbugs if you spray them directly
  • If you only have a few bedbugs (uncommon), it may work
  • Your house gets a deep clean at the same time

“Cons” of using Lysol to kill bedbugs

  • You could cause damage to your skin, lungs, eyes, or nervous system if you overuse it or if you’re not careful
  • It only works when wet, so it’s not likely to get rid of your bedbugs altogether
  • You are going to have to continually reapply Lysol until the bedbug infestation is taken care of, which could take a long time using this method
  • Since female bedbugs move away from their nesting spots after they lay their eggs, it will be very difficult to kill bedbugs eggs with Lysol
  • It’s not the most efficient method of killing bedbugs, and better methods exist that are just as inexpensive (see here)

Will Lysol spray kill bed bugs?

Can I spray my bed with Lysol?

The company warns that it’s disinfecting sprays and liquid concentrates are not designed for extended contact with skin or clothing. So, it is not advisable to use it on your bed, sheets, or blankets. Plus, as discussed above, this is not likely to kill many bedbugs nor have any lasting deterrent effect on bedbugs.

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