6 BEST bed bug mattress covers (and a size chart)

Best bed bug mattress cover

This is a specialized bed bug mattress encasement. Think of it as an extra-large and durable mattress cover with a zipper that completely surrounds your mattress. It is designed to trap any bed bugs that are already in the mattress so that they cannot bite you, and will ultimately die of starvation. It also prevents new bed bugs from getting into your mattress. A bed bug mattress cover will not completely get rid of a bedbug infestation. But, it is the first step.

Best mattress covers for bedbugs

ProductImageMaterialSealMaximum mattress thicknessWarrantyHypoallergenic?Machine washable?WaterproofManufactured inLearn more
Clean Rest ProHyopallergenic bedbug mattress encasementPolyester and Micron one fabricZip-n-click closureUp 18 inches10 yearsYesYesYesUSACheck price
SureGuardBest bedbug mattress encasementPolyesterZipper8-11 inches10 yearsYesYesYesCheck price
LinenspaBest mattress cover for bedbugsPolyester and PolyurethaneZipperUp to 12 inches10 yearsYesYesYesCheck price
SafeRestBedbug mattress cover guidePolyesterMicro-ZipperUp to 10 inches10 yearsYesYes, dry on low heatYesCheck price
UtopiaHow to pick a bedbug mattress coverHypoallergenic PolyesterZipper and VelcroUp to 15 inches10 yearsNoYesYesCheck price
HospitologyBest mattress encasement for bedbugs Extra-soft polyester knit fabricZipperUp to 18 inches5 yearsYesYesYesCheck price
Comparison table of the best bed bug mattress encasements

best bed bug mattress cover

Guide to the best bed bug mattress encasements

Here are some common questions that people have when selecting a mattress cover for bed bugs:

Do mattress encasements work for bed bugs?

Yes, a fully zippered mattress encasement designed to protect against bed bugs will work. Cheap plastic covers that are not specifically designed for bedbugs will be useless. Rather than waste your time and money, and prolong an already irritating issue, make sure that you get the right bed bug cover for your bed the first time around.

Can I use a regular mattress protector for bed bugs?

No, you need to use a mattress cover that is specifically designed for bedbugs. Regular mattress covers are not robust enough to keep bedbugs in (or out of) your mattress. Some mattress protectors are more like an extra bedsheet and do not even go all of the way around the mattress. In order for a mattress protector to be effective against bed bugs, it must completely cover the mattress, eliminating the possibility for ingress or egress. (Remember: A bed bug can fit through any space small enough to slide a credit card through).

What size bed bug mattress cover do I need?

It’s critical to pick the right size bed bug cover for your mattress depth. Mattresses typically range in thickness from 10-18 inches, although they can be less or more. You want to avoid having any extra loose fabric that could tear and allow bed bugs to pass through. This matrix shows some bed bug mattress cover brands that fit different mattress thicknesses:

Bedbug mattress covers - Size matrix

Mattress DepthTwinFullQueenKingCalifornia King
8 inchesSureGuard TwinSureGuard FullSureGuard QueenSureGuard KingSureGuard Cali King
10 inchesLinenSpa TwinLinenSpa FullLinenSpa QueenLinenSpa KingClean Rest Pro Cali King
12 inchesLinenSpa TwinLinenSpa FullLinenSpa QueenLinenSpa KingLinenSpa Cali King
16 inchesHospitology TwinHospitology FullSureGuard QueenHospitology KingClean Rest Pro Cali King
18 inchesHospitology TwinHospitology FullClean Rest ProHospitology KingClean Rest Pro Cali King
How to pick the right size bed bug enclosure for your mattress

This is provided as a reference only. Manufacturers change their products from time to time. Please verify all specifications prior to purchasing.

Do bed bug mattress covers really work?

Yes, however, you must be certain that the bed bug mattress encasement:

  • Properly fits your mattress (too tight, and it might rip!) and surrounds it entirely
  • Must be made of a material that bed bugs cannot burrow through
  • Is made of a durable enough material to ensure that it will not rip or tear, permitting bedbugs to pass through

Can bed bugs bite through mattress covers?

Can bed bugs bite through mattress encasements?

Bed bugs do not have teeth – they have evolved to drink blood from humans and other mammals, so their mouthpiece is more like a straw (essentially a long beak or snout as long as an extra leg, which folds underneath their body so it does not get in the way, and another, shorter tube). When they “bite” humans, they really are making a very small incision, then inserting both of the tubes into the skin. One injects anesthetic saliva into the bite area, so you don’t wake up and feel them feeding, and the other finds a capillary and feasts on the blood. The whole process takes anywhere from ten to twenty minutes – they have less external armor than fleas and cockroaches, so they feed very carefully, so you don’t wake up or brush them off.

That said, this process is not optimized for biting through fabrics or heavy plastics. Without teeth, a bedbug would find it hard to bite through a specialized bed bug mattress encasement. That said, cheap mattress covers made of flimsy plastic could easily get a small hole or tear, which a bed bug could easily enlarge and squeeze through. That is why it is so important to invest in a mattress encasement specifically designed for bedbugs.

Can I wash a bed bug mattress cover?

Follow manufacturer’s instructions, but typically, you can machine wash a bed bug mattress cover on warm or cool, and tumble dry below 150 degrees Fahrenheit. If you put a few towels or fabrics in the dryer along with the mattress encasement, it will cushion it to prevent tears. Dry-cleaning or bleach may damage the waterproofing layer and should be avoided if possible.

how to wash a bed bug mattress cover

Now that you’ve picked your mattress cover, read our guide: 3 steps to get rid of bedbugs

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