DIY bed post interceptors for bedbugs

make your own bedbug traps

How to make your own bed bug interceptors Bed bug interceptors are useful for detecting bed bugs – but can you make them yourself? Unfortunately, bed bug infestations can be extremely hard to diagnose without a professional examination or a bed bug sniffing dog. Bedbugs are small, are most active at night when their prey … Read more

Diatomaceous Earth vs. CimeXa – which works best for bedbugs?

de or cimexa?

Is CimeXa better than diatomaceous earth? If you have bed bugs and are searching for a way to kill them that is effective, fast, and permanent, then you may be wondering about the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth vs. CimeXa. So, how do they compare? Conclusion So which works best? We believe that CimeXa is better … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Killing Bedbugs

how to get rid of bedbugs yourself

How to kill bed bugs yourself You can get rid of bed bugs without an exterminator. Don’t be overwhelmed! Bed bugs can lead to a lot of anxiety. But with diligence, it is 100% possible to get rid of them without using an exterminator. If you follow these DIY bed bug extermination methods carefully and … Read more