The no-BS guide to getting rid of bedbugs yourself

how to kill bedbugs yourself

Why treat for bedbugs yourself? In many locations in the United States, a professional bedbug exterminator will range from $800 to over $1200 depending on the size of the space. Alternatively, any people have had success with DIY methods such as these, which cost under $100 on average. You have to be diligent about the … Read more

How to identify a bed bug

how to ID a bed bug

What do bed bugs look like? Fully grown bed bugs are typically a mahogany to rusty brown color, although they may appear more red-brown color after a recent blood meal. They are usually identified by their characteristic flat body, which is about the same size and shape as a medium-sized flat apple seed. They have … Read more

Home remedies for bedbug itch

bedbug itch relief

How to stop bedbug bites from itching? Bed bugs are small, and are very good hiders. It’s pretty rare to actually find one walking around your house or apartment. Most of the time, people only realize that they have a bedbug infestation once they start noticing bedbug bites on their skin. There are many ways … Read more

Can bedbugs drown?

can bedbugs drown?

Can you kill a bedbug by drowning it? This question is commonly asked by people who have found a bedbug on their skin, and worry that there may be bedbugs or bedbug eggs in their hair or elsewhere on their body. They naturally want to know if taking a hot shower will kill the bedbugs. … Read more